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Potential Risks of SEO


Few companies truly take the time to look at the risks of SEO, especially when they are attempting to complete the tasks themselves. For example, Google is the most used search engine on the web today. Over 87% of the world uses Google to find any product or service. Knowing this, many business owners will attempt to create their own Google places page, and increase their notoriety in the organics area. It is quite understandable to want more business by being found before their competition. However unless these tasks are done correctly, businesses run the risk of Google considering their site or information to be less reputable. Therefore placing their page much further back in their search engine.

SEO Options. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

seo-typesOther options that organizations have tried are considered black hat methods. Black hat methods are “hacker” or bad methods. Google’s new algorithms prevent companies from using software to manipulate the search results. Just like a hacker, software programs that are designed to keep listings on the front page of Google continually press or push information into the Google database. Software systems will list postings over and over continually on the web, to further the companies standing. This increases the amount of information that a company is placing on the web, in order to make it more reputable.

SEO is Simple, yes?

It may seem simple to place your listing on the first page of Google or any other search engine. Many business use blogs and metatags. Links back to other reputable sites is often another way sites become more reputable. Writing a blog is excellent, however it is important to have a good keyword density that relates to the type of business . In the past, a blog could be written that was very generic with the use of many key words that may or may not have made sense. Now with the new algorithms that the search engines have put into place, they can detect what the blog says and if it is entirely relevant to the business.

As time progresses a company that uses this type of black hat method will see their listings fall further and further into the abyss known as “past the first page”. As many people know the best place to hide a dead body is on the second page of Google or further back, because no one ever looks there. And once the business listing is “dead” It takes an extended amount of time to bring it back to life. Unless of course Google has Blacklisted your business, then it may take years.

At this point business may create a new listing or new website for their business in order to start over. Therefore attempting to do SEO right, this time. The problem with this method is once again the search engine companies have recognized this behavior, and will not allow multiple listings. When a new listing is started or attempted the Search engine will require they simply access the old account, especially if the company has not moved its location, changed phone numbers, or changed names. In most cases it requires all three.

Once a company has been blacklisted by the search engines, an knowledgeable search engine optimisation team must spend months rebuilding the company listings and name in the eyes of the search engine company. Which sometimes monthly updates being done by Bing, Yahoo, and Google it is difficult to stay on top of what the latest correct course of action maybe.